Pouch Packing Machine

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  1. Twin Oil & Powder Packing Machine

    KX129FUM is a 3 or 4 sides sealing automatic packing machine for filling and packing liquid and powder, with two sets of roller. It can make out the twin oil & seasoning packing. The machine is equipped with one set of vertical sealing roller, and one set of horizontal sealing roller. Zigzag cutter is standard. Line cutter with easy tear notch is option.
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  2. Single Seasoning Packing Machine

    KX-110 B Series packing machine can carry out 3-side sealing packing. Equipped with different feeding device, it can pack granule, powder, slice, pill and unshaped product. Popular used in instant noodle seasoning packing.
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  3. Sachet packing machine for instant noodle

    KEXIN Single seasoning packing machine and twin powder packing machine,twin oil and powder packaging machine, instant noodle pouch packing machine, seasoning packing machine for instant noodles
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  4. Twin Granule Packing Machine

    Twin Granule Packing Machine of Model KX112BU KX112BU machines, all equipped with single sealing roller system, are designed for twin granules packing. This model can carry out 3-side sealing.
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  5. Automatic Pouch Packing Machines

    KX-110BU packing machine equips single sealing roller device, which can make the horizontal sealing and vertical sealing at the same time with completed, continuous cross vein.
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